Care Guide

With the right care, artificial grass can last for a long time. Follow our top care tips to prolong the lifespan of your lawn:

1. Brush your lawn regularly

Preferably using a brush with long bristles. By doing this, you will remove all debris locked in within the leave junctions. Large solids like leaves and seeds are also brushed out in the process. While brushing your plastic grass, also slant the blades in a way to give the grass a natural look.

2. Take care of weeds

If there is any weed growing on or around the lawn, please pluck it out. You can pick it out or rake it up. The growth of weed weakens the fibre. Therefore, it's vital in ensuring that weed doesn't grow on the lawn. The major contributor of weed growth on lawns is the persence of leaves and other organic debris. It is hence advised to keep the lawn leaf free.

3. Spray some water

Gently spray down your lawn to get rid of dust particles or any dirt that may be ingrained. Using water on your lawn helps prevent uneven distributions or infill. In case a heavy object had been placed on the fibre, brush the grass first before spraying it with water.

4. Avoid fire and hot surfaces

At all times, prevent fire and hot items like BBQ ash or coal or any burning substance from getting into contact with the fibre. Although the fibre cannot catch fire, the heat can melt the grass. Fixing the melt is a possibility but the evenness of the grass will be lost. It will be impossible to hide the blemish.

5. Clean up after your children and pets

Artificial grass is safe for children and pets and ensuring that it is clear of solid waste is as vital like the case of real grass lawns. Use the recommended gear when collecting animal waste. After you clear the droppings (in the case of pets) spray the area gently with water. You can use recommended perfumes to fight off the odour.

6. Be careful of pesky stains

Don't worry yourself too much about stains. Our artificial grass are stain resistant. A little water and soap will do the trick in case of ketchup and sauce spills. However, do act quickly when it comes to stains and remove as much of the spillage as possible before it begins to harden in particular with wine and oil.


  • Brush the grass regularly in the opposite direction of the artificial fibre
  • Regularly remove leaves and debris using a leaf blower, stiff brush or plastic rake
  • Trim hedges and trees often to limit the amount of leaves falling onto the lawn
  • Apply weed killer twice a year to the whole area to prevent weeds growing and to kill any stray ones
  • Use an artificial turf spray to clean away any urine from your pets


  • Leave stains to settle — and don’t rub them!
  • Use barbeques, grills or fire pits
  • Leave equipment such as chainsaws or hedge trimmers on the turf after use
  • Use sharp objects on the grass
  • Have any motor vehicles on the artificial grass (wheelbarrows, bicycles and wheelchairs are all fine)

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